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Homeopathy was pioneered by Samuel Hahnemann, a medical doctor in Germany in the early 19th Century, who was disillusioned with the crude medical practices of his day. Homeopathy emerged from his search for a safer and more effective form of treatment as a new form of medicine.

We are designed to be whole and healthy. Our bodies have in-built repair and maintenance programmes. If you want to see one in action, look what happens next time you cut yourself. Why don?/span>t you bleed to death? The body generally has a way of dealing with a problem, but so often "orthadox" or "conventional" medicine will simply look upon this symptom as the problem and seek to mask the symptoms, or the warning. Holistic medicine generally seeks to work out the problem and stop it at the root, thus also alleviating the symptoms.

Homeopathy works gently and effectively, treating the whole person rather than merely the symptoms, and usually results in a renewed sense of vitality..  It can be used effectively and safely at any life stage from baby, through pregnancy and throughout life.  It can also be used effectively on animals.

Our own Royal Family has used homeopathy for several generations.  In many parts of Europe homeopathic remedies are routinely prescribed by GPs, and it is used extensively in India and Africa.  Homeopathic hospitals were part of the foundation of the NHS but are constantly under threat, although homeopathy spend on the NHS is a minute proportion of that spent on allopathic practices, and studies show that, on average, 70% of patients at homeopathic hospitals report an improvement after homeopathic treatment.  

"Homeopathy is one of the rare medical approaches which carries no penalties - only benefits." Yehudi Menuhin, violinist

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